Maryland Census Indices, Extracts and Images

These records are from various sources (web sites, lookups, etc.) and not necessarily from my viewing of actual microfilm records.

 1778 Fidelity Oath Index
 Mackelfresh David Montgomery Co.
 Mackelfresh  John  Montgomery Co.

1790 Maryland Census

County Head of Household males 16+ males <16 females free persons slaves
Ann Arundel Thomas Mackelfish 1 3 1 0 0
Ann Arundel Richard Mackelfish 1 2 2 0 0
Ann Arundel Eli Mackelfish 1 0 1 0 0
Ann Arundel David Mackelfish 1 2 4 0 0
Ann Arundel Henry Mackelfish 1 1 3 0 0
Ann Arundel Abriel Mackelfish 1 0 2 0 0
Baltimore David Macklefresh 2 1 5 0 0
Frederick John Macelfish 2 0 2 0 14
Frederick Jane Macelfish 0 2 4 0 5
Frederick Charles Macelfish 1 1 1 0 7
Frederick Henry McElfresh 1 0 1 0 3
Montgomery Richard Mackelfish 3 0 8 0 0

 1796 Early Census Index MD
 McElfresh  Joseph Frederick Co. Frederick Town
 McElfresh Philip Frederick Co. Frederick Town


1800 Maryland Census

County page Head of Household males <10 males 10-16 males 16-26 males 26-45 males 45+ females <10 females 10-16 females 16-26 females 26-45 females 45+ other free persons slaves
Allegany 7 Thomas Mackelfish 0 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 6
Ann Arundel 79 Wm. McElprish 1 0 0 1 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 0
Frederick 144 Charles McIlfish 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 10
Frederick 139 Jane McIllfish 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 1 1 0 0 8
Frederick 139 Joseph McIllfish 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 7
Frederick 140 Henry McInfish 1 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 10
Frederick 139 Philip McInfish 1 1 1 1 0 0 2 0 0 1 1 11

 1810 Maryland Census Index
Mackelfresh John Baltimore Co. Soldier's Delight Hundred 567
McElfresh C. Frederick Co.   360
McElfresh J. Frederick Co.   357
McElfresh L. Frederick Co.   359
McElfresh P. Frederick Co.   359
McElfresh S. Frederick Co.   359
McElfresh H. Frederick Co.   360

 1820 Maryland Census Index
Mackelfresh David Baltimore Co. 23 200010-00010
Maclfres (?) George Baltimore City 04 100201-01001
Mackelfresh John Baltimore Co. 004 000101-00331
Mackelfresh Margaret Baltimore Co. 019 011300-00101
McElfish David Allegheny Co. 033 410010-00110
McElfish John Allegheny Co. 032 200020-10101
McElfish Thomas Allegheny Co. 033 310001-30010
McElfresh Charles Frederick Co. 081 110001-01101 
McElfresh Jane Frederick Co. 074 000000-00001
McElfresh John H. Frederick Co. 097 000100-00100
McElfresh Philamon Frederick Co. 081 100010-10100 
McElfresh Phillip Frederick Co. 072 000011-02000
McElfresh Sarah Frederick Co. 072 020011-00000
McElfrish Henry Frederick Co. 069 001101-00111

 1830 Maryland Census Index 
Mackelfresh Margarett BALT 212 7th Coll  0000210010000-1000100010000
Mackelfrish  John  BALT 212 7th Coll  0100100000000-0000100000000
Macklefish  David  BALT 167 5th Coll  0011000100000-0000001000000
McElfresh Charles   BALT 206 6th Coll 0000810000000-0000000000000
McElfred   Charles  FRED 011 Dist 1    
McElfreh  John H.  FRED 097 2nd Dist   
McElfresh Philip  FRED 024 #9 Dist   
McEljeish  Jane   FRED 038 #9 Dist    
McElpish   Zachariah  FRED 018 #9 Dist   
McElprish  Henry  FRED 024 #9 Dist    
McElprish Philip  FRED 024 #9 Dist   
McElprish Sarah  FRED 024 #9 Dist   
McKilfish Thomas ALLE 048 No Twp  
McKilpsh  David  ALLE 049 No Twp  

 1840 Maryland Census Index 
McElfren Charles FRED 163 Buckeye 0000001001000-0000020000000
McElfresh  Henry  FRED 223 New Mark   0000010100000-0000010000000
  John  FRED 224 New Mark  0000000100000-0000000000000
  John H.  FRED 119 Frederic 
  William P  FRED 224 New Mark  0200010000000-2000100100000
McElfresh Zachariah L. FRED 224 1120010000000-0000100000000
McElresh  P.S.  FRED 160 Buckeye   0010101000000-1111002000000
Mackelfrsh  David BALT 156 5th Dist 0000001001000-0000020000000

 1850 Maryland Census Index and Extracts
McElfeish  Thomas  ALL 185 9th E.D.  35/MD  farmer
  Mary Ann    30/MD  
  Caroline   8/MD  
  Susana   6/MD  
  Dorcus (f)   4/MD  
  Martha J.   2/MD  
  John M.   73/MD  
McElfish   David  ALL 193 9th E.D.  47/MD farmer
  Nancy   35/MD  
  Emily   15/MD  
  Upton   13/MD  
  George   11/MD  
  Luther   9/MD  
  Maria   7/MD  
  Christina   2/MD  
  John W.   44/MD laborer
  George Twigg 25/MD laborer
McElfish   Elsey  ALL 174 7th E.D.  36/MD farmer
  Mary Ann   30/MD  
  Alcinda   8/MD  
  Amy   6/MD  
  Susan   4/MD  
  Arthur   2/MD  
  James   74/MD  
  Brook   73/MD  
McElfish    Emeline  ALL 191 9th E.D.  6/MD  
  enum/with Hosea Harrass    
McElfish   Hannah  ALL 193 9th E.D.  52/MD   
  Amos   34/MD  
  Sarah   26/MD  
  Edward   25/ MD  
  Susan   19/MD  
  John   17/MD  
  Owen   15/MD  
McElfish    James  ALL 193 9th E.D.  29/MD farmer
  Elizabeth   27/MD  
  Ann   6/MD  
  Philip   4/MD  
  Henry   1/MD  
McElfish   Owen  ALL 193 9th E.D.  35/MD farmer
  Mary J.   30/MD  
  Basil   5/MD  
  David   3/MD  
McElfish   Owen  ALL 193 9th E.D.  10/MD  
  enum/with Dorcas House    
McElfish   Thomas  ALL 189 9th E.D.  79/MD  farmer
  Ellen   35/MD  
  Benj.   33/MD  
  Elizabeth   34/MD  
  Sarah   28/MD  
  Drusilla   25/MD  
  Joseph   21/MD  
  Mary   23/MD  
McElfresh  Catherine M.  BAL 220 1st Dist   17/MD  
  enum/with Samuel Harryman    
McElfresh   Charles T.   FRE 227 Buckeyst  35/MD  laborer
  enum/with Edmund Waggener    
  Fanny T.   35/VA  
  Zeruiah E.   16/MD  
  Edmund   14/MD  
  James V.   12/MD  
  Rosetta E.   10/MD  
  Mary T.   7/MD  
  Elenor A.   4/MD  
  Charles C.   1/MD  
McElfresh  David BAL 232 1st Dist  56/MD none
  enum/with Christian Bowman    
McElfresh  Ellenor  FRE 228 Buckeyst   51/MD  (blank)
  Margaret E.   25/MD  
  Ann M.   24/MD  
  John P.   22/MD farmer
  Rachael   16/MD  
  Mary H.   13/MD  
Stewart Susan   54/MD  
McElfresh  Henry  FRE 033 Frederic  24/MD lawyer
  Ananna   22/MD  
Boone Elizabeth   43/MD (black)
McElfresh  John  FRE 245 New Mark  63/MD farmer
McElfresh   John J.  BAL 359 13th War  22/MD  
  enum/with William Pouder    
McElfresh  Sarah  MGM 433 Clarkstr  65/MD  
  enum/with William Glaze    
McElphesh  Rachel  FRE 243 New Mark   58/MD  
  enum/with Corilla H. Smith 56/MD  

 1860 Maryland Census Index
McElfield  Edward  Allegany 321 Dist 8   28/MD farm hand
  enum/with James Wilson    
McElfish   Amos  Allegany 323 Dist 8  40/MD farmer
  enum/with Amon Wilson    
McElfish   David  Allegany 324 Dist 8  42/MD farmer
  Nancy   39/MD  
  Emily   23/MD  
  Upton   21/MD  
  George   18/MD  
  Luther   15/MD  
  Maria Allegany 325 Dist 9  13/MD  
  Christian   11/MD  
McElfish   J. O.  Allegany 334 Dist 9  28/MD farmer
  Isabella M.   21/PA  
  Lillian C. 1/12/MD  
  Susan   30/MD  
McElfish   Joseph  Allegany 333 Dist 9  37/MD farmer
  Elizabeth   34/PA  
  Ann M.   16/PA  
  Philip   14/PA  
  Henry   10/MD  
  Anna   65/MD  
McElfish   Thomas  Allegany 336 Dist 9  44/MD farmer
  Mary Ann   40/MD  
  Caroline   18/MD  
  Susannah   15/MD  
  Darius   14/MD  
  Martha O.   12/MD  
  John M.   10/MD  
  Mary C.   8/MD  
  Charles G.   6/MD  
  Flora E.   4/MD  
  Thomas I.   2/MD  
McElfresh  Edward/Edmond Frederick 468 Urbana   25/MD farmer
  Mary   24/MD  
  Calvin   10/MD  
  Annie   12/MD  
McElfresh Ellen  Frederick 468 Urbana 60/MD  
Ann 30/MD  
  Rachel   25/MD  
  Susan   65/MD  
McElfresh Rachel  Frederick 956 New Mark 66/MD  
  enum/with Corilla Smith 64/MD  
McElfresh Sarah  Montgomery 157 Clarks 81/MD  
  enum/with Wm. T. Glaze    
McElfresh Sarah  Montgomery 153 Clarks  26/MD  
  Laura     21/MD  
  Rosetta   18/MD  
  Mary   14/MD  
  Annie   12/MD
  Fannie   10/MD  
McElfrish  Owen   Allegany 327 Dist 9  43/MD farmer
  Mary J.   35/PA  
  Boyle B.   14/MD  
  Theodore   9/MD  
  Geniva   6/MD  
  Millard F.   4/MD  
  Perry L.   2/MD  
  Aurita (f)   40/MD farmer
 Macklefresh David Baltimore Co. Reistertown 163

 1870 Maryland Census Index
McElfish Ann 75/MD Allegany Co. Flintstone 567/274
McElfish David 57/MD Allegany Co. Flintstone 567/281
McElfish Edward 43/MD Allegany Co. Flintstone 567/282
McElfish George 28/MD Allegany Co. Flintstone 567/275
McElfish John 37/MD Allegany Co. Flintstone 567/274
McElfish Joseph 49/MD Allegany Co. Flintstone 567/286
McElfish Owen 53/MD Allegany Co. Flintstone 567/281
McElfish Thomas 54/MD Allegany Co. Flintstone 567/275
McElfish Upton 31/MD Allegany Co. Flintstone 567/282
McElfresh Ann M. 43/MD Frederick Co. Urbana 587/328
McElfresh Charles  51/MD Baltimore Co. 3rd District 569/216 
McElfresh Covington 20/MD Frederick Co. Urbana 587/332
McElfresh Edmund W. 35/MD  Frederick Co. Urbana 587/328
McElfresh Fanny 17/MD Frederick Co. Urbana 587/331
McElfresh Sarah 88/MD Montgomery Co. Damascus 591/269

 1880 Maryland Census Index

McElfresh  Ann M. 54/MD/keeps house Frederick Co. Urbana 261C
  Rachel 47/MD sister    
McElfish B.B. 31/MD/physician Allegany Co. Dist 1-4 14A
  Mollie C. 28/PA      
  Abbie L. 7/MD      
  Leah M. 11mo/MD      
Marsh Thomas K. 25/MDclergyman    
McElfresh  Charles 60/MD/minister Baltimore Co. Baltimore 539C
  Mary L. 52/MD      
  James P. 22/MD/brick maker      
  Katie A. 19/MD      
  Ellen S. 17/MD      
  Bessie 12/MD      
  John F. 7/DC      
Cross Jeanette 52/NY/servant      
McElfresh  Colvin 31/MD/wks on farm Frederick Co. Urbana 264A
  Ida 26/MD      
  Avrada 3/MD      
Wade John 10/MD/servant      
McElfish  Ed 45/MD/labor Alegany Co. Flintstone 31B
  enum with Oliver Twigg      
McElfresh Edmund 44/MD/farmer Frederick Co. Urbana 261C
  Mary 43/MD      
  Lula 19/MD      
  John 17/MD      
  Edmund 15/MD      
  Philemon 13/MD      
  Dorsey 11/MD      
  Rachel 9/MD      
  Thomas 7/MD      
  Fanny 5/MD      
McElfish George 37/MD/farmer Allegany Co. Flintstone 34C
  Louisia 30/MD      
  Dora A. 10/MD      
  Zella E. 8/MD      
  Irven G. 6/MD      
Cooper John 18/VA/servant      
McElfish John 47/MD/farmer Allegany Co. Cumberland 91A
  Isabella M. 40/PA      
  Lillian 19/MD      
  Wilbur F. 16/MD      
  Bascomb 14/MD      
  Daniel D. 12/MD      
  Augustus 9/MD      
Annie 84/MD/mother      
  Susan 49/MD/sister      
McElfish Joseph 60/MD/farmer Allegany Co. Flintstone 34D
  Elizabeth 58/PA      
  Henry C. 32/MD      
Turner Bonnie 9/VA/gdau      
McElfish Luther 36/MD/farmer Allegany Co. Flintstone 34C
  Jennie 26/MD      
  AdissonG. 7/MD      
  Charles V. 6/MD      
  Willy A. 5/MD      
  Mary 1mo/MD      
  David 68/MD/father      
Dibert Elizabeth 23/PA/servant      
McElfish  Mary C. 25/MD/servant Allegany Co. Cumberland 356A
  enum with Elaxander Leasure      
McElfish Owen 62/MD/farmer Allegany Co. Flintsone 33A
  Mary J. 54/PA      
  Millard F. 23/MD      
  Perry L. 20/MD      
  Mary J.  16/MD      
  Sanner` 12/MD      
  Owen A. 8/MD      
McElfish Present P. 2/MD/gdau Allegany Co. Flintstone 38D
  enum with William D. Beall      
McElfish Thomas 64/MD/farmer Allegany Co. Flintstone 34D
 McCray Asberry 30/MD      
  Sarah J. 26/PA      
  Charles 7 mo/PA      
McElfish  Upton 41/MD/farmer&merchant Allegany Co. Flintstone 33A
  Mary S. 39/MD      
  Clary E. 14/MD      
  William S. 8/MD      
  Albert E. 6/MD      
  Laurea A. 4/MD      
  Perry E. 2/MD      
 Trimbles William B. 17/MD/servant      


 1910 Maryland Census Index

McElfish Alva B. 22/MD/PA/MD Allegany Co. Flintstone 3 21A
McElfish Henry C. 60/MD/MD/PA Allegany Co. Flintstone 3 27B
Hinkle Berganan M. 36/MD/MD/MD Allegany Co. Flintstone 3 27B
  Dora A. 40/MD/MD/MD      
  Ethel M. 12/MD/MD/MD      
  Carl E. 10/MD/MD/MD      
  Lola B. 8/MD/MD/MD      
  Olive O. 6/MD/MD/MD      
  Lester S. 4/MD/MD/MD      
McElfish L*lisa 60/MD/MD/PA mother-in-law    
McElfish Irvin G. 36/MD/MD/MD Allegany Co. Flintstone 47A
  Bertha M. 32/MD/MD/MD      
  Lola G. 11/MD/MD/MD      
Ora M. 8/MD/MD/MD      
  Ernest T. 5/MD/MD/MD      
  Hilda W. 3/MD/MD/MD      
  Louisa 62/MD/MD/MD listed as daughter    

 1920 Maryland Census Index
McElfresh  Annie R. 45/MD Frederick Co. Urbana T625-672/2A/72 
McElfresh Carlton 70/MD Montgomery Co. Damascus T625-671/3A/141
McElfresh Charles 50/WV Baltimore Co. Baltimore T625-663/9A/229
McElfresh Charles P. 54/MD Frederick Co. Urbana T625-672/4A/72
McElfresh Edmund W. 55/MD Frederick Co. Urbana T625-672/1A/72
McElfresh John F. 47/DC Baltimore Co. Baltimore City T625-672/7A/266
McElfresh John P. 57/MD Frederick Co. Urbana T625-672/4A/72
McElfresh Lottie I. 31/MD Frederick Co. Urbana T625-672/1A/72
McElfresh May 28/MD Allegany Co. Cumberland T625-652/18A/11
McElfresh Migle D. 52/MD Frederick Co. Urbana T625-672/2B/72