Kentucky Census Indices, Extracts and Images 1820-1880 McElfresh Surname

These records were obtained from various sources (web sites, lookups, etc.) and not necessarily from my viewing of the actual microfilm. 1880 images are from the USGenweb Census Online.

 1820 Kentucky Index
male 16-26 male
female under 10 female 10-16 female 16-26 female 45+
McIlfresh  Henry  Fleming Co.  053   2  1  1  0  0  1
McIlprish Abner Fleming Co. 052  1  0  0  1  1  0

 1830 Kentucky Index
McElfresh Nathan Fleming Co. Eastern Twp. 074 1000100000000-0000100000000
McLefresh Abner Fleming Co. Eastern Twp 067
McLefresh Wesley Fleming Co. Eastern Twp. 066  
McElpresh John Mason Co. Mayville Twp. 179 1110101000000-1100010000000
McItfresh Nathan Green Co. Campbell Twp. 070 0100010000000-3000100000000

 1840 Kentucky Index
McElfrish D.R. Jefferson Co. Louisville 062  0000001000000-0021010000000

 1850 Kentucky Index
McElfrish Ann Lewis Co. district #2 198

Tanker, Edward H.

 Sarah A.



McElfresh, Ann





McElpish Nancy Campbell Co. Newport Twp. 039

 Hildreth, Samuel







McElfresh, Nancy








McIlfresh Rachel Fleming Co. district #1 341

Gooding, Samuel


Hester Ann





McIlfresh, Rachel








McIlfresh Robert Fleming Co. district #1 344

Green, Fielding


McIlfresh, Robert



McElfriah Westly Bracken Co.   438

  McElfresh, Westly





 1860 Kentucky Index
McElpesh Luther   Mason Co. Maysville Twp. 335
McIlfresh JW 52/PA/farmer Bracken Co. Brooksville Twp. 180
  Jacintha 30/OH      
  Thomas 12/KY      
  John 10/KY      
  Gelina 8/KY      
  Marion 6/KY      
  Nathan 4/KY      
  Sally A. 2/KY      
  Josephine 1/KY      
Mackelpish Reezin 25/KY/farmer Bracken Co. Augusta Twp. 031
  Sarah E. 24/KY      
  Mary M. 4/KY      
  William R. 2/KY      
McElfresh Robert 23/KY/laborer Campbell Co. Flag Spring Twp. 802


Benj. Ducker      
McLefresh F.M. 24/OH/grocer Harrison Co. Leesburg 569
  Richard E. 21/KY *female    
  William B. 2/12 KY      
Tabor Whiting 28/NY/ harness maker    
  Anna 21/KY      
 1870 Kentucky Index
McKelfrish Elizabeth 15/KY Daviess Co. Yelvington Twp. 358
McKelfrish Martha  12/KY/apprentice  Daviess Co. Yelvington Twp. 351


K. Kerr      
McKelfrish Martin 9/KY Daviess Co. Yelvington Twp. 354
McElfresh Mary 20/US Christian Co. Hamby pct. 370


western lunatic assylum      
Mackelfresh Eldrige 60/KY/farmer/$200 Bracken Co. Augusta Twp. 260
  Betha 45/KY      
  Masilla 15/KY      
  Mary 14/KY      
  Sarah 8/KY      
  Alyon 5/KY      
  John 2/KY      
  Lina 9/12/KY      
Mackelfresh Sam 7/KY Daviess Co. Yelvington Twp. 348


J.F. Wright      
McElfresh  Thomas 22/KY Bracken Co. Brooksville Twp. 449/310
Mackelfresh Wesley 61/PA/farmer/$2000 Bracken Co. Augusta Twp. 252
  Cinthia 42/OH      
  John W. 22/KY/farm laborer      
  Angeline 18/KY      
  Marion 17/KY/farm laborer      
  Nathan 15/KY/farm laborer      
  Anna 13/KY      
  Elmer 9/KY      
  Lorance 6/KY      
  Lewis 4/KY      
  Milton 1/KY twin      
  Mary 1/KY twin      
McElfresh Wesley 21/KY/laborer Mason Co. Minerva Twp. 459
  Mary 13/KY      


Garrett Dourraw      
McElfresh  William 38/OH Bracken Co. Foster Twp. 449/360

 1880 Kentucky Census
Click on "view image" to go to USGen Web's Census Online for actual Bracken County 1880 census images.

McLefresh Anna 8/12/KY Bracken Co. 12/14/22/48
  boarder w Thomas Elrod      
McLefresh Clifford 5/KY Bracken Co. Foster Twp. 12/9/21/14 view image 
  neph. w/ Balford Goodpaster      
Mcelfresh  Elick    Bracken Co.  Augusta Twp.  488D  view image 
Mackelfresh John   Bracken Co. Augusta Twp. 493A view image
McElfresh L.D.   Bracken Co. District 12  B view image
Mackelfresh Lina 8/KY Bracken Co. Augusta Twp. 493B  view image
  adopted w Henry Hay        
McElfresh  Martin 50/TN Mason Co. Minerva Twp. 21/69/36/12  
  Mary 32/TN        
  Mirtle 10/KY        
  Walter 8/KY        
  Claude 6/KY        
  Lily M 4/KY        
Mcelfresh Mary   Bracken Co. Augusta Twp. 486D view image
McElfresh  Nath 24/OH Bracken Co. Berlin Twp. 12/15/12/38  
  Cynthia 49/OH        
  Ron ? 15/KY        
  Josephine 12/KY        
  Milton 10/KY        
  Charles 7/KY        
McLefresh Ora S 6/KY Bracken Co. Foster Mag. Dist. 466 view image
  niece w/ Balford Goodpaster      
Mackelfresh Reason 43/KY Bracken Co. Brooksville Twp.  D view image
  Sarah  44/KY        
  William R 23/KY        
  Susan A 17/KY        
  Laura 16/KY        
  Anna 14/KY        
  Ticia 12/KY        
  Georgie 10/KY        
  Harry 8/KY        
McKelfresh Thomas 33/KY Bracken Co. Brooksville Twp. 451C view image
Sarah 34/OH
  Ella 10/KY        
  William J 8/KY        
  Maggie M 6/KY        
  Blanch A 3/KY        
  Maude 20/30/KY        
McElfresh Wesley 32/KY Mason Co. Dover Twp. 21/69/12/29  
  Lutie Cross 22/KY        
  Mary 7/KY        
  Addie 4/KY        
  Martha 2/KY        
  Jessie B (f) 1/KY        

1900 Kentucky Soundex

inmate in the
McElfresh  Charles Sep 1867/OH Pendelton Co. Grassy Creek Twp.  63/68/6/64
  Maggie Jul 1871/KY      
  Ercell (m) Jun 1894/KY      
  Russle Nov 1895/KY      
McElfresh Claud M. Oct 1873/KY Lewis Co. Dist. #6 48/87/9/76
  Addie D. Jan 1880/KY      
McLefresh Clifford May 1874/KY Fleming Co. Dist #2 22/38/13/96
  Hattie Feb 1872/KY      
  Nellie B. Oct 1893/KY      
  Ida I. Jan 1898/KY      
  George W. Jan 1841/OH father    
McElfresh Daisy Oct 1896/KY Mason Co. Dist #3 55/92/8/89
  SIL w/ Alfred M. Sutton      
McAlfresh Elmer May 1862/KY Bracken Co. Augusta #3 6/20/9/26
  Anna Nov 1859/OH    
  Claudie Sep 1881/KY      
  May May 1884/KY      
  Wain Sep 1885/KY      
  Winnia May 1889/KY      
  Minnie Mar 1893/KY      
  Daisy Jul 1896/KY      
  Rayman Oct 1897/KY      
McElfrish Everat E. Mar 1893/KY Woodford Co. Dist #3 16/81/9/62
  sson w/ Ora Wilson      
McElfresh Everet E. Sep 1892/KY Fayette Co.   21/30/9/45
  son with Orr Wilson       
McElfresh Florence B. Feb 1895/KY Mason Co. Dist #3 55/92/7/70
  boarder with James Tucker      
McElfresh Frank Aug 1881/OH Mason Co. Dover Twp. 53/92/12/99
  boarder with Albert Fulton      
McCelfresh George May 1881/KY Bracken Co. Augusta 6/19/16/7
  adopted by William Beshears      
McElfresh Harry Mar 1876/KY Mason Co. Dist #8 55/100/6/26
  farm hand w/ Campbell Tusker      
McElfresh Horace Jan 1871/KY Campbell Co. Dayton 11/33/13/77
  boarder with James McDowell      
McElfresh Ida L. Jul 1891/KY Woodford Co. Dist #3 16/81/9/62
  sdau with Ora Wilson      
McElfresh Ida Lee Jun 1890/KY Fayette Co.   21/30/9/45 
  dau with Orr Wilson      
McElfresh Jacintha Aug 1826/OH Mason Co. Washington Twp. 55/95/4/39
  MIL with Charles York      
McElfrish James Sep 1897/KY Bracken Co. Chatham Twp. 6/25/7/21
  inmate in the Bracken Co. Infirm ary    
Macelfresh Jerome Apr 1858/OH Casey Co. Little South Fork 14/25/10/10
  Rebrea J. Sep 1858/KY      
  Nora E. Nov 1881/KY      
  Cloid May 1883/KY      
  Harrison Sep 1885/KY      
  Walter Jul 1887/KY      
  Nellie Oct 1891/KY      
McElfresh Jessie F. Mar 1879/KY Clark Co. Dist #2 14/1/0/10/35
  Ollie Jun 1876/KY      
  John D. May 1898/KY      
McAlfresh Joe Aug 1862/OH Bracken Co. Johnsville Twp. 6/23/2/83
  Carry Jan 1879/KY      
  Virda (m) Dec 1898/KY      
McElfrish John Oct 1888/KY Bracken Co. Chatham Twp. 6/25/7/20
  inmate in the Bracken Co. Infirm ary    
McElfresh John May 1840/KY Bracken Co. Germantown Twp. 6/21/12/100
McLefresh John May 1865/OH Pendelton Co. Sandwick Twp. 63/66/4/1
  Elizabeth May 1864/OH      
  Mary Apr 1892/KY      
  Daniel Sep 1894/KY      
McElfresh Lewis Jun 1880/KY Mason Co. Minerva Twp. 55/92/22/42
  boarder with Mathew Haggerty      
McIlfresh Lorenzo D. Aug 1865/KY Lewis Co. Dist. #3 48/84/9/76
  Sally Jun 1877/KY      
  Harry Feb 1896/KY      
  Luella Aug 1898/KY      
McAlfresh  Luther Sep 1826/KY Fleming Co. Dist. #3 22/40/14/9
  Mary K. Jun 1850/TN      
  Lydia Dec 1875/KY      
Ernest Mar 1884/KY      
Neal Charles Sep 1876 sil    
  Mary Apr 1898/KY gdau    
Mackelfresh  May Apr 1884/KY Jefferson Co. Louisville #5 35/38/11/28
  servant with Louis Lemmons      
McElfresh Milton Arp 1869/KY Mason Co. Dist. #3 55/92/6/56
  Ida M. Mar 1873/KY      
  Delmar E. Jan 1898/KY      
Mackelfresh Minie Feb 1883/KY Bracken Co. Brooksville Twp. 6/16/3/65
  servant with James Melvin      
McElfresh Nathan Dec 1853/KY Bracken Co. Brooksville Twp. 6/17/4/4
  Sarah B. Jul 1870/KY      
  Grover C. Mar 1888/KY      
  Fanny Apr 1890/KY      
  Gracy Sep 1893/KY      
  George Feb 1895/KY      
  Ruthe Sep 1897/KY      
  Orien Nov 1899/KY      
McElfresh  Raymond Oct 1894/KY Lewis Co. Dist. #2 48/82/27/17
  nephew with Francis Plummer      
McElfresh Raymond Dec 1897/KY Fayette Co. Dist. #8 21/30/9/46
  son with Orr Wilson      
McElfrish Rosa M. Jan 1877/KY Woodford Co. Dist #3 76/81/9/59
  w/ Orr Wilson        
McElfrish Sarah May 1858/KY Bracken Co. Chatham Twp. 6/25/7/25
  inmate in the Bracken Co. Infirm ary    
McElfresh Walter E. May 1871/VA Lewis Co. Dist. #6 48/87/3/12
  Annie L. Feb 1873/KY      
  Harlan B. Apr 1894/KY      
  Lena G. Apr 1896/KY      
  Adrain Jul 1897/KY      
  Herbert Mar 1900/KY      
McElfresh Wesley Apr 1849/KY Fleming Co. Dist. #3 22/40/12/29
  Pricilla Jan 1873/KY      
  Mary May 1899/KY      
McElfresh William Jan 1855/KY Fayette Co. Dist. #7 21/28/10/5
  lodger with William Gardner      
McElfresh William Sep 1850/OH Mason Co. Dover Twp. 55/92/15/85
  Alice Nov 1857/OH      
  Bessie Aug 1886/KY      
McElpesh Wm. Milward Jun 1888/KY Fayette Co. Dist. #8 21/30/9/43
  son with Orr Wilson      


 1920 Kentucky Soundex

McElfresh N.R. 26/KY Bracken Co.   9/38/3/82
  SIL with Kelsie Hardy      
McElfresh Adrian 22/KY Nicholas Co.   74/216/13/33
  SIL with William Watkins      
McLefresh Clarence M. 34/OH Campbell Co. Dayton 15/46/4/70
  Nellie E. 32/KY      
  Harry Eric 8/KY      
McElfresh Claud 33/KY Lincoln Co.   60/85/11/99
  Elizabeth 33/Germany      
  Jennie 7/KY      
  Charlie 6/KY      
  Annie 5/KY      
  Edna 3 6/12/KY      
  Lavada 1 8/12/KY      
McElfresh Claud 47/KY Pendelton Co.   77/149/9/9
  Ada 38/KY      
  Laura 17/KY      
  Bessie 15/KY      
  Marshal 12/KY      
  Piercy 10/KY      
  Agnes 8/KY      
  Mildred 5/KY      
  Woodrow 2 1/12/KY      
McElfresh Cleveland G. 32/KY Bracken Co.   9/36/3/56
  Lillie M. 32/KY      
  Woodrow 7/KY      
  Virgil C. 6/KY      
  Garnett E. 4 5/12/KY      
McAlfresh E.H. 34/KY Boyle Co. 4/36/12/12 
  Flora 28/KY      
  Mamie 11/KY      
  Hallie 8/KY      
  Eddie Pearl 3 3/12/KY      
McElfresh Edna 17/IL Boone Co.   7/2/9/73
  enum with DIL Alice      
McElfresh Edward 46/IN Jefferson Co. Louisville 47/105/4/75
  enum with BIL Isaac Norman      
McElipesh Elizabeth 59/OH Pendelton Co.   77/149/2/32
  Florence 26/KY      
  William 19/KY      
McElfresh Elsworth 11/KY Mason Co.   69/165/14/59
  nephew with May McElfresh      
McElfresh Ernest 35/KY Robertson Co.   82/221/10/6
  Dora 43/KY      
  Hazel 10/KY      
  Cecile (f) 8/KY      
  Stanley 5/KY      
  Charles 3/KY      
  Mary 69/TN mother    
McElfresh Ewell C. 11/IN Nicholas Co.   74/216/13/58
  stepson with Joseph Colliver      
McElfresh George 32/KY Mason Co.   69/165/16/11
  Tillie 36/KY      
  Lenora 14/KY      
  Mary 7/KY       
McLefresh George W. 78/OH Fleming Co.   23/83/15/57
  FIL with Hattie McLefresh      
McEfresh Harlan B. 25/KY Nicholas Co.   74/216/12/2
  Maggie 23/KY      
  Ola C. 6/12/KY      
  Herbert J. 19/KY brother    
McLefresh Hattie 48/KY Fleming Co.   23/83/15/52
  Allie P. 20/KY      
  Douglas 16/KY      
  Flora 14/KY      
  Murl 2/KY      
  George W. 78/OH FIL    
McElfresh Jessie K. 24/KY Kenton Co. Covington 56/83/3/71
  Louisa 32/IL      
  Clara 12/KY      
  Marie 10/KY      
  William 8/KY      
  Lucille 5/KY      
McElfresh Joseph G. 54/OH Campbell Co. Newport Twp. 14/34/11/75
  Carrie 41/KY      
  Virda (m) 21/KY      
Watson Margaret 83/KY MIL    
McElfresh Lorenza 36/KY Mason Co.   69/165/14/58
  MIL with May McElfresh      
McElfresh Lou 35/KY Mason Co.   69/165/1/85
  Sudie 32/KY      
  Maggie 9/KY      
  Wessley 6/KY      
  Dorothy 4/KY      
  Charles 1/KY      
McElfresh Martin 60/KY Daviess Co.   21/58/2/61
  lodger with Worden Criddle      
McElfresh Mary 69/TN Robertson Co. 82/221/10/21
  mother with Ernest McElfresh      
McElfresh Maud 18/KY Kenton Co. Ludlow Twp. 56/137/9/58
  boarder with William Bennett      
McElfresh May 46/KY Mason Co.   69/165/14/51
  Delmar 21/KY      
  Lee 18/KY      
  Alton 15/KY      
  Lula 12/KY      
  Virginia 9/KY      
  Ida 3/KY      
  Lorenze 36/KY BIL    
  Elsworth 11/KY nephew    
McElfresh Nathan 42/KY Jefferson Co. Louisville 49/149/1/39
  Fanny 42/KY      
McElfresh Nathanial 63/KY Bracken Co.   9/36/4/28
  Sarah B 50/KY      
  Raymond 17/KY      
  Roy 14/KY      
  Eddie 12/KY      
  Florence 10/KY      
McElfresh Pearl B 21/KY Bracken Co.   9/36/4/6
McElfresh Percillla J. 46/KY Lewis Co. 59/152/2/99
  Frank 15/KY      
  Anna L. 12/KY      
  Alex 8/KY      
  Salley 8/KY      
  James A. 4 8/12/KY      
McElfresh Rebecca 60/KY Marion Co. Lebanon Twp. 62/93/2/7
  MIL with Walter Phillips      
McElfish Roger B. 26/MD Jefferson Co.   42/18/43/71
  Camp Zachary Taylor      
McElfresh Walter 32/KY Lincoln Co. 60/85/11/80
  Lillie 28/KY      
  Jerome M. 7/KY      
  Mary M. 4 9/12/KY      
  Evelyn 2 1/12/KY      
McIlfresh William 65/KY Fleming Co.   23/85/4/43
  servant with Norman Chappel      
McElfresh William 69/OH Mason Co. Dover Twp. 69/165/6/56
  Alice 61/OH      
McElfresh William H. 49/OH Boone Co.   7/2/9/64
  Alice 40/KY      
  Howard J. 20/KY      
  Maude 17/KY      
  Mabel 14/KY      
  Mary 10/KY      
  Raymond 6/KY      
  Griffen 4 1/12/KY      
  Ella 8/12/KY      
  Edna 17/IL DIL