Indiana Census Indices, Extracts and Images
1840-1920 McElfresh Surname
Thanks to Mel McElfresh and his sister Ruth for their help in compiling the 1840-1860 records.
Census images are courtesy of Bryce Jones. All rights reserved.

 1840 Indiana

McElfresh N. Jefferson Co. 322 2101001000000-1120010000000
McElfreth Samuel Ripley 150 1100100000000-1111100000000
Macafresh Henry Madison 041 0110001000100-0210010000000

 1850 Indiana Index

McElfresh Henry 51/PA  Madison Co. Pipe Creek Twp. 37
  Elizabeth 41/KY      
  Melinda 26/KY      
  David 22/KY      
  Almira 19/KY      
  Miles 16/IN      
  James N. 5/IN      
McIlpesh Minerva 18/IN Dearborn Co. Manchester Twp. 375
  enum. w/ George W. Lozier    
McFresh  Nathan    Union Co. Center Twp. 328 
Melfresh  Samuel 28/KY  Dearborn Co. Lawrenceburgh Twp 255B
  Abigal 40/IN      
  Enoch 8/IN      
  Samuel 7/IN      
 McKinney Thomas 18/IN      
McKinney Lucy A. 11/IN      
Mcelush  William   Jefferson Co. Republic Twp. 156
McElfresh Wm. 38/PA Fulton Co. Richland Twp. 470
Sarah 31/PA .
  Elijah  13/OH      
  Elizabeth 9/OH      
  Benjamin 7/OH      
  Mary E. 1      
  Martha J. 1/12/IN      

 1860 Indiana Index

McElflush Andrew 35/KY/carpenter Floyd Co. New Albany 6 453
  Malisa 25/KY      
  Cora A. 4/IN      
  Marquis S. 2/IN      
  Henry 1/IN      
Macelfresh Bazil 32/MD/farmer Jackson Co. Brownstown 522
  Mary  29/PA      
  James W. 15/OH      
  John W. 14/OH      
  Henry T. 12/OH      
  Elizabeth A. 10/OH      
  Mary 8/IN      
  Clarissa E. 4/IN      
McElfrish  Charles  12/IN/farm hand  Floyd Co.  New Albany Twp.  480 
McElfresh Daniel P. 26/IN/cooper Harrison Co. Posey Twp. 362
  Susan 23/IN      
McElfruth Elizabeth 52/KY/farmer Madison Co. Pipe Creek Twp. 337
  Miles 27/IN/farmer      
  James 14/IN      
  Milton 7/IN      
  William 2/IN      
McElfresh Enoch   Dearborn Co. Lawrenceborugh 104
McElfresh F. H. 24/IN/moulder  Vigo Co. Terre Haute W3 738
      w/Robert Wharry    
McElfresh James M.  25/MD Jackson Co. Brownstown Twp. 553
 McElfrest James P.   30/KY/farmer  Shelby Co.  Hanover Twp.  757
   Rachel 30/OH       
   Josephine  8/IN      
   Margaret  6/IN      
   Socrates  5/IN      
   Italy  3/IN      
McElfruth Miles   Madison Co. Pipe Creek Twp. 337
McElfresh Nathan M. 60/PA/physician Harrison Co. Posey Twp. 362
Nancy 56/KY
  Perthenia  26/IN/teacher      
  Nathan 20/IN/cooper      
  Christena 18/IN/domestic      
  George 16/IN/laborer      
  Permelia 12/IN      
Lewis Crawford 18/IN/laborer      
McIlfresh Samuel 40/KY/farmer Dearborn Co. Lawerenceborugh 104
  Abigail 50/IN      
 McKinney Sucy 20/IN      
 McElfresh Enoch 17/IN      
  Samuel 15/IN      
  Abigail 8/IN      
  Joseph 5/IN      
 Brewer Mary 16/OH      
Mills James 26/KY      
Johnson Ed 20/NY      
Miller John 21/Prussia?      
Macelfresh  Wm.  25/OH Jackson Co.   104 
McElfresh  William 25/OH/farmer Jaspar Co.  Walker Twp. 918
  enum w/ Adam Carnes/23/OH      
  Sarah A. 22/OH      
  Almma J. 2/OH      
McElfresh  William  48/PA/farmer  Fulton Co.  Richland Twp.  610 
  Sarah 42/PA      
  Benjamin 17/OH      
  Elizabeth 18/OH      
  Mary E 12/IN      
  Martha J. 10/IN      
  Nancy 7/IN      

 1870 Indiana Index
McElfresh Allie 11/IA Ohio Co. Randolph Twp. 347/411
McEfresh  Andrew J.  46/KY  Harrison Co.  Webster Twp.  321/255   
McElfresh  Bazel 45/MD Jackson Co. Brownstown Twp. 326/274  
Markelfresh  Charles  32/IN Floyd Co.  New Albany Twp.  313/222  
McElfrish Dan L. 26/OH Marion Co. Wayne Twp. 581  
McElfresh  Daniel P. 35/IN Harrison Co. Posey Twp. 321/167  
McKelfresh  Elijah  32/OH/farmer  Fulton Co.  Richland Twp.  26   
  Rachel A  25/IN         
McElfresh  Enoch 28/IN Dearborn Co. Lawrence Twp. 307/553  
McElfresh   George 32/KY Delaware Co. Muncie Twp. 310/502  
McElfrish  Henry 34/VA Vigo Co. Terre Haute Wd5 336/541  
McElfresh J.C. 35/OH Jackson Co. Salt Creek Twp. 326/288  
McElfresh James 25/IN Madison Co. Elwood 336/253  
McElfresh James 36/OH Jackson Co. Brownstown Twp. 326/274  
McElfish  John M. 44/OH Starke Co. California Twp. 359/1  
McKelfresh  Nathan 64/PA Harrison Co. Posey Twp. 321/173  
McKelfresh  Nathan M. 30/IN Harrison Co. Pasey Twp. 321/173  
McElfresh  Phillip Jasper Co. Marion Twp. 551 view image
McElfresh  Samuel 50/KY Dearborn Co. Lawrenceburgh 307/553  
McElfresh Samuel 26/IN Dearborn Co. Lawrenceburgh 307/516  
McElfresh William   Jasper Co. Walker Twp. 584 view image
McKelfresh William 57/PA/farmer  Fulton Co. Richland Twp. 26
  Sarah 53/PA       
  Nancy 17/IN       
Wilson William 10/IN       
(wife Sarah McElfresh)
Adam   Jasper Co. Walker Twp. 586 view image
(wife Margaret McElfresh)
Jacob   Jasper Co. Barkley Twp. 505 view image

 1880 Indiana Index

McKelfresh Andrew J 55/KY Harrison Co. Posey Twp. 14/99/9/22
  Malissa 46/KY        
  Marcus D. 22/IN        
  Mary 17/IN        
  Sarah 15/IN        
  Nancy 11/IN        
  Kate 9/IN        
  Charles E. 7/IN        
  Nathan 2/IN        
McElfrest Bazel 58/MD Jackson Co. Brownstown 16/105/45/18  
  Mary R 53/PA        
  Melissa 23/IN        
  Harrison 19/IN        
  Sarah 16/IN        
  Scott V. 14/IN        
  Eddie 9/IN        
McKelfresh Charles 43/IN Harrison Co. Posey Twp. 14/99/23/27  
  Emorah 33/IN        
  Amanda 16/IN        
  Mary 13/IN        
  Lula 9/IN        
  Owen 6/IN        
  John 2/IN        
McElfresh David G. 52/KY Howard Co. Center Twp. 15/53/40/28  
  Rosetta 18/IN        
  Nathan 16/IN        
  Jacob 14/IN        
  John 12/IN        
  Charles 9/IN        
  Mary 4/IN        
McElfresh Elijah 42/OH Marshall Co. Green Twp. 23/109/17/7  
  Rachel A. 35/IN        
  Nevada 10/IN        
  Cora M. 8/IN        
McElfresh  Enoch  38/IN/farmer  Dearborn Co.  Lawrenceburg   7/47/12/9   
  Jane  29/IN       
  Samuel 14/IN       
  Eliza 10/IN       
  Joseph 3/IN       
  4 servants           
McElfresh Francis H. 44/VA Vigo Co. Harrison Twp. 36/209/13/47
  Jane 38/OH       
  Franklin H 18/IN      
  Ida 16/IN      
  Edward 13/IN        
  Fred A. 7/IN        
Mackelfresh James 35/IN Madison Co. Pipe Creek Twp. 21/20/12/28  
  Lucy 35/IN        
  Albert 13/IN        
  Mattie 9/IN        
  Willie 7/IN        
  George 5/IN        
  David 2/IN        
MacKelfish James 26/OH Knox Co. Harrison Twp. 18/120/38/16  
  Margaret 25/IL        
  Lucy B 5/IN        
McElfresh John 34/IN Jackson Co. Hamilton Twp. 16/190/18/29  
  Adaline 24/IN        
  Bazzle E. 3/IN        
  Ada L. 1/IN        
Kilpatrick Sarah 22/IN sil      
  Minnie O. 1/IN        
McLafresh  John 29/OH Ohio Co. Cass Twp. 26/146/16/26  
  Stela 24/PA        
  Maurice 5/KY        
  Frank 3/KY        
McElfrest James 45/OH Jackson Co. Brownstown 16/105/56/15  
  Sarah 46/IN        
  Mary 17/IN        
  Hattie 15/IN        
  Ross 8/IN        
  Came(m)? 4/IN        
McElfresh  Joseph 42/OH Jackson Co. Salt Creek Twp. 16/114/24/38  
  Barbara 42/IN        
  Quiller G. 21/IN        
  Susan A. 19/IN        
  George 16/IN        
  Sarah 14/IN        
  Hannah F. 12/IN        
` Emily F. 10/IN        
  Arvena 8/IN        
  William 5/IN        
  Mary 2/IN        
McKilfresh Nathan M. 40/IN Harrison Co. Posey Twp. 14/99/16/37  
  Mary 40/IN        
  Clemment 17/IN        
  William 15/IN        
  Daniel 13/IN        
  Mary 11/IN        
  Emma 9/IN        
  Charles 7/IN        
  Permelia 3/IN        
McElfresh  Phillip    Jasper Co.  Marion Twp.  310B  view image 
McElfresh  Samuel 36/IN/Bookeeper   Dearborn Co. Lawrenceburg 7/48/1/1 
  Hellen  29/IN        
  Harry  10/IN       
  George 3/IN       
 McKinney Rachel  14/IN/servant       
McElfrest  T. 34/OH Jackson Co. Brownstown 16/105/58/30  
  Margaret 34/IN        
  James 14/IN        
  Wes 13/IN        
  Thus 11/IN        
  Ida 7/IN        
  Mary C. 5/IN        
  Florence 3/IN        
McFresh William P.   Jasper Co. Barkley Twp.  276 view image
McElfresh William   Jasper Co. Barkley Twp. 276 view image
(wife Sarah McElfresh)
Adam   Jasper Co. Walker Twp. 261 view image
(wife Margaret McElfresh)
Jacob   Jasper Co. Barkley Twp. 276 view image

 1900 Indiana Index
McElfrish Alexander Dec 1867/KY  Fayette Co. Orange Twp. 19/21/4/71  
  Anna Mar 1866/KY        
  Laura Jul 1892/KY        
  Ray Apr 1894/IN        
  Amanda Aug 1896/IN        
Hay Harvey Mar 1884/KY BIL      
McIlfresh Alvin 5/KY Hancock Co. Center Twp. 27/44/13/68  
  son with Mary J. Nanum        
McElfresh Andrew J Aug 1824/KY Floyd Co. New Albany Twp. 20/73/4/29  
  Mallissa Feb 1824/KY        
  Mary Jan 1859/IN        
  Catherine Nov 1870/IN        
Taylor Maggie Mar 1869/KY NI      
McElfresh Nathan May 1878/IN        
McElfresh  Bazel Sept 1823/MD Jackson Co. Brownstown Twp. 32/64/7/45  
  Malissa Jan 1854/IN        
  Edward Dec 1870/IN        
McIlfresh Carrie Aug 1872/KY Hancock Co. Center Twp. 27/44/13/67  
  domestic w/ Mary Nazum        
McElfresh Charles Jan 1838/IN Floyd Co. New Albany Twp. 20/17/3/19  
  Emma Aug 1846/IN        
  Newland May 1898 IN        
  Bertha J Mar 1900/IN        
  Owen Sept 1873/IN        
  Hattie Dec 1875/AR DIL      
  Wilbur Apr 1896/IN        
McElfresh Charles May 1872/IN Grant Co.   24/40/30/44  
  BIL with William Bond        
McElpresh Charles A Mar 1867/IN Delaware Co. Monroe Twp. 16/47/13/38  
  Henrietta Mar 1867/IN        
  Ada M. Dec 1887/IN        
  Minnie Feb 1890/IN        
  Tressel ? Mar 1894/IN        
  Daisy P. Apr 1896/IN        
  Mary E.B Sept 1898/IN        
McElfresh Dan L. Apr 1869/IN Harrison Co. Posey Twp. 28/87/4/25  
  Flora Oct 1880/IN        
  Inez Flo Apr 1898/IN        
McElfish Edward Oct 1866/IN Vigo Co. Harrison Twp. 78/98/9/68  
  Mary E. Mar 1873/IL        
Edward   Jun 1896/IN        
  Cliff Nov 1899/IN        
McElfresh  Elijah  Oct 1837/OH  Marshall Co.   Green Twp. 51/78/11/41  
  Rachel A  Apr 1845/IN         
 Jackson Nevada J Jul 1870/IN         
  Byron J  Mar 1898/IN         
McElfresh   Enoch  Aug 1841 /IN Dearborn Co.  Lawrenceburg Tp.  13/41/6/94    
  Jane  Aug 1848/IN        
  Joseph Oct 1877/IN        
  Helen O. Aug 1880/IN        
  Mary Aug 1884/IN        
 Smuthers Rubben Sep 1862/IN  servant    
McElfresh FranklinP Feb 1855/OH Hamilton Co. Noblesville Twp. 26/90/17/6
  Mary H Aug 1853/OH        
  Ross R Dec 1881/OH        
  Frank M May 1885/OH        
  Daniel E Dec 1891/IN        
Bathwell Mary Nov 1878/OH NI      
McElpest  George Nov 1886/IN Jackson Co. Salt Creek 32/78/1/33  
  servant w William Hughes        
McElfresh George Jan 1862/IN Jasper Co. Barkley Twp. 33/11/10/3  
  Manda E. May 1877/IL        
  William Aug 1899/IN        
  Alpha R Oct 1892/IN        
  Bessie Aug 1894/IN        
Woods Goldie E Jan 1888/IN adopted      
McElfresh  GeorgeR Nov 1875/IN Madison Co. Pipe Creek Twp. 44/106/9/60  
  Rena M Feb 1877/IN        
  Edith M Feb 1900/IN        
McElfresh GeorgeW Oct 1876/OH Hamilton Co. Noblesville Twp. 26/90/2/96  
  Josephine Mar 1881/IN        
  Heber Mar 1899/IN        
McElfresh H.T. Oct 1857/WV Delaware Co. Center Twp. 15/35/2/6  
  Bertha Oct 1869/IN        
  Beula Nov 1883/WV        
  Mary E. Mar 1898/IN        
  Dorothy Feb 1900/IN        
McKelfresh Helen Oct 1853/IN Dearborn Co. Lawrenceburg Twp. 13/42/14/61  
Mcelfresh James Nov 1851/IN Grant Co. Center Twp. 23/24/14/52  
  Louisa Feb 1863/IN        
  Edwin Mar 1885/IN        
  Bessie Mar 1893/IN        
McElfresh James Feb 1834/OH Jackson Co. Salt Creek Twp. 32/78/4/54  
  wife Oct 1832/IN        
  Roine (m) Jul 1875/IN        
McElfresh John Oct 1869/IN Grant Co. Mill Twp. 24/40/9/26  
  Mary P Jan 1878/IN        
McElfresh John Feb 1846/IN Jackson Co. Brownstown Twp. 32/64/4/34  
  Lucy A Apr 1854/IN        
  John Nov 1885/IN        
Patrick Sarah Apr 1858/IN SIL      
McAlfresh  John May 1870/IN Madison Co. Monroe Twp. 44/97/13/88  
  Millie May 1876/IN        
  Hughie Jul 1898/IN        
Mackelfresh John Dec 1868/KY Rush Co. Noble Twp. 66/83/2/40  
  Wenz Oct 1877/KY        
  Charlie Nov 1895/IN        
McElfresh Lily M Mar 1869/IN Harrison Co. Harrison Twp. 27/82/8/24  
  Goldie Dec 1886/IN        
McElfresh Marc D Dec 1856/IN Harrison Co. Posey Twp. 28/87/9/29   
  BIL with Levi Friedly        
McElfresh Mary Nov 1889/IN Jackson Co. Brownstown Twp. 32/64/1/22  
  servant w/ William Forgey        
Macklefresh Mary Mar 1876/OH Marion Co. Center Twp. 47/93/6/20  
  boarder w William Searles        
McElfresh Mary Dec 1839/IN Harrison Co. Posey Twp. 28/87/8/77  
  Dora E May 1874/IN        
  Oscar Apr 1875/IN        
McElfresh Milton Mar 1873/OH Madison Co. Anderson Twp. 43/82/26/43  
  Lena Jun 1874/France        
  Tresia Aug 1897/IN      
  Blanche Feb 1899/IN        
McElfresh Nathan Dec 1863/IN Delaware Co. Mt. Pleasant Twp. 16/49/10/97  
  boarder w/ Olive Acord        
McElfresh Nathan A May 1878/IN Harrison Co. Posey Twp. 28/87/9/30  
  BIL with Levi Friedley        
McElfresh  Philip  Jasper Co  Marion Twp.  140b  view image 
McElfiesh  Robert G Sep 1877/IN Dearborn Co. Lawrenceburg Tp. 13/42/12/85  
  Catherine Jun 1878/IN        
  Samuel Jan 1844/IN father      
Mcelfresh Scot Fev 1867/IN Jackson Co. Brownstown Twp. 32/64/4/30  
  Emma Sep 1872/IN        
  Ralph May 1898/IN        
  Edward Dec 1899/IN        
McElfresh Susan Nov 1836/IN Harrison Co. Posey Twp. 28/87/6/36  
  aunt with Lafayette Laduke        
McElfresh ThomasH Sep 1846/OH Jackson Co. Driftwood Twp. 32/68/8/11  
  Margaret Nov 1846/IN        
  Mary C Feb 1875/IN        
  Florence Oct 1877/IN        
  Ella Aug 1880/IN        
  Anna B Aug 1886/IN        
  Simeon Dec 1888/IN        
Macklefresh  Willard Jun 1865/OH Marion Co. Center Twp. 47/93/6/19  
  boarder William Searles        
McElfresh William Jul 1865/IN Harrison Co. Posey Twp.  28/88/10/70  
  Mary D Sep 1867/IN        
  John Oct 1891/IN        
  Roland Feb 1893/IN        
  Courtney Sep 1897/IN        
  Inez Jul 1899/IN        
McElfresh William   Jasper Co.  Marion Twp. 126b view image
Mcelfresh  William D Jun 1873/IN Tipton Co. Madison Twp. 74/127/16/33  
  Mary R Jul 1879/IN        
  Thelma R Nov 1895/IN        
  Ralph B Apr 1896/IN        
  Wilma Feb 1900/IN        
 Kerns (wife Sarah McElfresh Adam   Jasper Co.  Walker Twp. 143b view image
 Kerns (son of Adam & Sarah) Zachariah  . Jasper Co  Walker Twp. 143 view image
 Kerns (son of Adam & Sarah) Philip   Jasper Co.  Union Twp. 104 view image

1910 Indiana Miracode Index

McElfresh Albert 37/OH Madison Co. Anderson Wd1 365/2/36B
McLefresh Albert 43/IN Madison Co. Elwood Wd1 365/1/50B
McElfresh Alex 45/KY Rush Co. Noble Twp. 377/1/49A
McElfresh Charles 35/IN Lake Co. Gary Wd4 362/1/168A
McElfresh Ed F 43/IN Vigo Co. Terre Haute Wd5 385/2/166B
McElfresh Edward 39/IN Jackson Co. Brownstown Twp. 357/1/3B
McElfresh Elija 72/OH Marshall Co. Argos Wd2 370/1/260B
McElfresh Ella M. 29/IN Marion Co. Indianapolis Wd13 369/2/18B
McElfresh Emma 62/IN Floyd Co. New Albany Wd6 349/1/145A
McElfresh Enoch 68/IN Dearborn Co. Lawrenceburg Twp. 345/1/123A
McElfresh Ewen 36/IN Floyd Co. New Albany Wd6 349/1/149B
McElrish Frank 28/OH Marion Co. Indianapolis Wd13 369/2/37B
McElfresh George 48/IN Jasper Co. Barkley Twp. 357/2/8A
McElfresh George 21/IN Jackson Co. Brownstown Twp. 357/1/15A
McLefresh George A. 46/IN Jackson Co. Salt Creek Twp. 357/1/223A
Mackelfresh George 34/IN Madison Co. Elwood Wd2 365/1/90A
Mackelfresh George 33/OH Madison Co. Anderson Wd3 365/2/165B
McElfresh Harrison P. 52/WV Delaware Co. Muncie Wd3 346/1/86A
McElfresh Harry M. 51/IN Lake Co. Hammond Wd1 361/3/3A
McElfresh James 66/IN Madison Co. Pipe Creek Twp. 365/1/17A
McElfresh James Jr. 25/IN Madison Co. Elwood Wd1 365/1/57B
Mackelfresh James B. 54/VA Grant Co. Marion Wd4 352/1/177B
Mackelfish James V. 35/WV Grant Co. Marion Wd4  352/1/175B
McElfresh John 42/KY Fayette Co. Fairview Twp. 348/2/126B
McElfresh John 31/IN Floyd Co. New Albany Wd6 349/1/149B
McElfresh John 18/IN Madison Co. Alexandria Wd3 364/3/233A
McElfresh John H. 39/IN Madison Co. Alexandria Wd3 364/3/221A
McElfresh John W. 64/OH Knox Co. Washington Twp. 360/2/199B
McElfresh Joseph 32/IN Dearborn Co. Lawrenceburg Twp. 345/1/122A
McElbesh M.D. 53/IN Harrison Co. Posey Twp. 354/1/157A
McElfresh Mary A. 43/IN Floyd Co. New Albany Wd3 349/1/69A
McElfresh Nathan 46/IN Delaware Co. Mt Pleasant Twp. 346/3/65A
McElfresh Nathaniel 31/IN Floyd Co. New Albany Wd5 349/1/128A
McElfresh Phillip 78/MD Jasper Co. Marion Twp. 357/2/104B
McElfresh Q.G. 51/IN Jackson Co. Brownstown Twp. 357/1/15A
McElfresh Sarah 77/IN Vigo Co. Terre Haute Wd4 385/2/43A
McElfresh Scott 43/IN Jackson Co. Brownstown Twp. 357/1/13A
McElfresh Thomas 62/OH Jackson Co. Driftwood Twp. 357/1/56A
McElfresh William 75/MD Jasper Co. Marion Twp. 357/2/104B
McElfresh William D. 36/IN Tipton Co. Madison Twp. 382/2/141
Mackelfresh William E. 44/OH Allen Co. Ft. Wayne Wd1 339/1/35B

 1920 Indiana Soundex

McCelfresh A.M. 46/OH Madison Co. Anderson Twp. 58/99/24/5 
  Lena 45/Belgium      
  Tresa 22/IN      
  Albert 17/IN      
Thomas Walter 30/OK sil    
  Blanche 20/IN dau    
McAlfresh Albert 49/IN Madison Co. Elwood Twp. 59/139/4/20
  roomer w/ Daniel Vest      
McElfresh Alene 14/IN Marion Co. Indianpolis 66/117/5/86
  dau with Harry Greenfield      
McElfresh Alexander 56/KY Rush Co.   85/88/2/8
  hired man w/Charles Carney      
McElfresh Allie 15/IN Fayette Co. Orange Twp. 26/4/3/78
  sil with John Martin      
McElfresh Anna 57/IN Marion Co. Indianapolis 69/171/3/26
  aunt with Charles W. Korn      
McElfresh Anna E. 57/IN Marion Co. Indianapolis 68/155/14/92
McElfresh Courtny E. 22/IN Harrison Co.   27/103/4/84
  Paul C. 15/IN/ brother      
McElfresh Charles 12/IN Marion Co. Indianaplois 66/117/5/87
  son with Harry Greenfield      
McElfresh Charles 44/IN Lake Co. Gary 54/110/19/87
  Georgeanna 41/IN      
  Milton R. 11 1/12/IN      
McElfresh  Charles E. 22/IN Harrison Co. Posey Twp. 4B/103
McElfresh  Charner 56/IN Rush Co. Noble Twp. 2A/88
McElpest David E. 42/IN Madison Co. Alexandria Twp. 60/124/6/8
  Mary J. 28/IN      
  Ruth E. 7/IN      
McElfresh Delliah 18/IN Marion Co. Indianapolis 66/117/5/85
  dau with Harry Greenfield      
McElfresh Edd F. 49/IN Jackson Co. Brownstown Twp. 39/74/14/8
  Oma 38/IN      
  Leo 9/12/IN      
  Leon 9/12/IN      
  Mary Milissa 65/IN sister      
McElfish Edward 37/OH Allen Co. Ft. Wayne 5/76/17/42
  Emma 38/MI      
  Wesley 12/IN      
  Roy 7/MI      
McElfresh Edwin C. 33/OH Madison Co. Elwood Twp. 59/138/12/86
  Pearl E. 32/AR      
  James B 6/IN      
McElfresh  Enoch 77/IN Dearborn Co. Lawrenceburg Twp. 8B/43
McElfresh Frank 38/OH Marion Co. Indianapolis 71/228/10/35
  Gladys 23/IN      
McElfresh George 33/IN Jackson Co. Brownstown Twp. 39/74/12/35
  Seymiramious 28/IN      
  Ralph 11/IN      
  Louis 9/IN      
  James 6/IN      
  Lovena 3 11/12/IN      
  Charles E 8/12/IN      
McElfrish George 43/IN Marion Co. Indianapolis 70/178/3/17
  Roena 39/IN      
  James 15/IN      
  Charles 12/IN      
  Edward 9/IN      
  Lucy 6/IN      
 Locke Joseph B. 66/OH fil      
McElfresh George 57/IN Jasper Co. Barkley Twp. 41/13/13/63
  Anna Maud 42/IL      
  Alfa R. 26/IN      
  Willie W. 20/IN      
  Jennie L. 18/IN      
  Edward L. 12/IN      
McElfresh George 56/IN Jackson Co. Freetown Twp. 39/91/7/14
  Effie 48/IN      
  Lucy 15/IN      
  Clearwence 13/IN      
  Mildred 5/IN      
McElfresh George W. 42/OH Madison Co. Anderson Twp. 58/99/10/37
  Josephine 37/IN      
  Huber 20/IN      
McElfresh Harrison 62/WV Delaware Co. Muncie Twp. 14/20/7/13
  Bertha 50/IN      
  Mary E. 21/IN      
  Dorothy 10/IN      
McElfresh Helen 64/IN Dearborn Co. Lawrenceburg 18/45/2/50
  enum with John Krieg      
McKelfresh Hugh 22/IL Lake Co. Gary 54/118/3/71
  Lena 22/IL      
McElfresh Hugh 21/IN Madison Co. Alexandria Twp. 60/125/2/21
  May 19/MO      
McElfresh  Israel 30/IN Madison Co. Pipe Creek Twp. 9B/135
McElfresh Jane 77/OH Vigo Co. Terre Haute 96/156/1/70
  aunt with George Mankin      
McElfresh John 49/IN Delaware Co. Yorktown Twp. 15/53/11/80
  Mary P. 42/IN      
Mcilfresh John 51/IN Madison Co. Alexandria Twp. 60/126/6/54
  Amela 43/OH      
  Blanch 18/IN      
  Clarance 11/IN      
McElfresh John 51/KY Fayette Co. Fairview Twp. 26/4/10/94
  Julia 42/KY      
  Walter A. 16/IN      
McElfresh John C. 34/IN Knox Co. Bruceville Twp. 46/128/5/73
  Martha 29/IN      
  Elizabeth 1 8/12/IN      
McElfresh John M. 28/IN Madison Co. Alexandria Twp. 60/126/3/50
  Areba 21/PA      
McElfresh John W. 73/OH Knox Co. Bruceville Twp. 46/128/5/70
  Edward 25/IN      
Patrick Sarah 62/IN sil      
McElfresh Joseph 42/IN Dearborn Co.   18/43/7/55
  Mary 43/IN      
McElfresh  Katherine 11/IN Dearbron Co. Lawrenceburg Twp. 8B/43
McElfresh Lee 24/IN Fayette Co. Connersville Twp. 26/187/5/80
  Ruth E. 21/IN      
McElfresh Lenora 3 10/12/IN Rush Co.   86/99/5/11
  gdau with Mary Jones      
McElfresh Louisa A. 56/IN Grant Co. Marion Twp. 30/98/18/84
 DiRizzo Benedette 32/Italy sil      
  Bessie 22/IN dau      
  James A. 1 4/12/IN gson      
McElfresh Lucy 65/IN Madison Co.   59/129/16/22
  enum with Martha L. Smith mother    
McElfresh Mariah 80/OH Jasper Co. Rensselaer Twp. 41/28/4/1
McElfresh Mark 60/IN Harrison Co. Posey Twp. 22/103/3/85
McElfresh Mary 80/IN Madison Co. Alexandria Twp. 60/123/6/98
  enum with Thom Davis mother    
McElfresh Newt 21/IN Marion Co. Indianapolis 66/117/5/83
  son with Harry Greenfield      
McElfrish Quiller G. 59/IN Jackson Co. Brownstown Twp. 37/73/3/68
  Attica 42/IN      
  Florence 18/IN      
  Robert 15/IN      
  Bennie G. 12/IN      
  Walter 8/IN      
  Shurman 4 7/12/IN      
Mackelfresh Ralph 22/IN Madison Co. Elwood Twp. 59/136/10/39
  Silvey 21/IN      
  William 1 7/12/IN      
McElfrish Ray A. 24/IN Fayette Co. Fairview Twp. 26/4/11/50
McElfresh Ross 48/IN Knox Co. Sandborn Twp. 46/96/9/1
  Martha 41/IN      
  James W. 19/IN      
  Charles A. 12/MO      
  Mary 8/MO      
McElfresh Scott 52/IN Jackson Co. Brownstown Twp. 39/73/7/80
  Emma L. 42/IN      
  Ralph 21/IN      
  Edward 20/IN      
  William J. 13/IN      
  Mary C. 8/IN      
McElfresh  Senora 3 10/12/IN Rush Co. Noble Twp. 5A/99
McElfresh Sim 31/IN Marion Co. Indianapolis 71/222/6/52
  Lulu 30/IN      
  Lawrence 7/IN      
McElfresh Thomas 72/OH Jackson Co. Driftwood Twp. 39/77/4/11
  Margaret 72/IN      
Grider Mary 44/IN dau      
  Robert 14/IN gson      
  Herbert 11/IN gson      
  Edna May 9/IN gdau      
  John 7/IN gson      
  Marie 4 1/12/IN gdau      
  Carl Henry 2/IN gson      
McElfresh Thomas W. 61/IN Floyd Co. New Albany Twp. 19/66/4/27
  nephew with James Radcliff      
McElfresh William 46/IN Tipton Co. Madison Twp. 93/202/10/48
  Mary 40/IN      
  Fred 18/IN      
  Bessie 14/IN      
  William 10/IN      
Persley Mary 7/IN gdau      
McElfresh William 9/IN Marion Co. Indianapolis 66/117/5/88
  son with Harry Greenfield      
McElfresh William 84/MD Jasper Co. Rensselaer Twp. 41/24/4/58
  Caroline 82/Germany      
  Nancy 35/IN      
Mackelfresh William 52/OH Floyd Co. New Albany Twp. 19/69/9/44
  Mary 41/IN      
  William 17/IN      
  Charles W. 13/IN      
  Clara H. 15/IN      
McElfresh William N. 56/IN Delaware Co. Yorktown Twp. 15/53/11/68
  Mary A. 57/IN      
McElfresh William V. 53/IN Harrison Co. Elizabeth Twp. 27/102/3/84
  Mary D. 52/IN