District of Columbia
Census Indices, Extracts and Images
1850-1900 McElfresh Surname

1850 DC Index and Extracts

McElfresh George S. 36/MD broker 4th ward  677 
  Ellen M. 25/MD      
  George E. 7/MD      
  William H. 2/DC      
  John J. 7/12/DC      
  Mary 56/MD      
Dashiel Ellen 20/Ireland      
McElfresh Charles 29/MD Meth. clergyman Washington  033 
   enum with William Perkins      
McElfresh James P. 24/MD carpenter Washington  127 
  Ann M. 18/DC      
Howard Emmeline 7/DC      
McElfresh John W. 24/MD painter Washington  127 
  Eliza 20/DC      
Langley Caroline 16/DC      
McElfriah Zenas S. 45/MD carpenter Washington  272 
  Eliza A. 38/MD     273
  Henry B  18/MD huckster    
  Peter E 12/MD      
  George W. 10/MD      
  Ann E. 6/DC      
  Zenas A. 2/DC      

1860 DC Index and Extracts

McElfresh  Edwin 4th ward 214 22/MD/huxter  
  Agnes     20/PA  
  Agnes Weber     56/Scotland  
  James Keaton     16/NY  
McElfresh George L. 4th ward 204 49/MD/tobacconist  
  Elizabeth     32/PA  
  Wm.     11/DC  
  John     10/DC  
  Frank     7/DC  
  Fannie     6/DC  
  Clara     3/DC  
McElfresh Henery B. 3rd ward 856 27/MD/huckster  
  Virginia J.     23/PA  
  Emma     3/Wash City  
  Henry M.     1/Wash City  
McElfresh James P. 4th ward 233 29/MD/carpenter  
  Ann M.     28/DC  
  Elizabeth     11/DC  
  Chas H.     8/DC  
  Clara I.     5/DC  
  James V.     2/DC  
  Emeline Howard     17/DC  
  Robert Howard     26/DC/painter  
McElfresh John W. 7th ward 837  32/MD/painter  
  Eliza J.     31/DC  
  Sally V.     8/DC  
  Florence G.     5/DC  
  Mary N.     4/365/DC  
McElfresh Mary 2nd ward 522 22/Ireland/servant  
  enumerated with   Henry Hungerford  
McElfresh Zachariah 3rd ward 856 55/MD/carpenter  
  Eliza A.     48/MD  
  George     20/MD/huckster  
  Ann E.     15/Wash City  
  Zachariah     11/Wash City  

1870 DC Index

McElfresh George S. 4th ward 828    
McElfresh George W. 4th ward 677    
McElfresh George 4th ward 801    
McElfresh Henry 4th ward 801    
McElfresh J.P. 4th ward 803    

1853 Washington DC Directory

 McElfresh G.S tobacconist  
 McElfresh J.W. painter  
McElfresh C.S. exchange broker  

1880 Washington DC Index

McElfresh Eliza J. 52/DC  Washington 440A
  MIL with James Kolb      
McElfresh  E.M. 57/PA Washington 267D  
  William H. 31/DC      
  John S. 30/DC      
  Frank S. 27/DC      
  George S. 20/DC      
McElfresh Ida L. 12/DC Washington 276D  
  gdau with Richard Claxton      
McElfresh  James 55/MD Washington 203B  
  Annie M. 46/DC      
  Lillie 16/DC      
  Charles 28/DC      
McElfresh Virginia J. 43/PA Washington 116C  
  Harry M. 22/DC      
  William S. 20/DC      
  Rosella 16/DC      
  George E. 14/DC      
  Blanche L. 11/DC      
  Lulu M.  9/DC      
Prenot Henry 68/France father    
McElfresh Zach 32/DC Washington 122D  
  BIL with James Tucker